Contract and License

All contracts and licenses centrally and securely at a glance

With i-taros, you manage all contract and license-relevant data and documents centrally and across all applications. Customized processes and workflows support you in managing and monitoring the tasks and deadlines associated with contracts and licenses securely and efficiently. You always have your contracts and licenses under control.

With the help of targeted evaluations, you also receive the necessary information for optimizing your contract and license situation.

Empowering your business with the i-taros Contract and License

i-taros offers numerous features for prioritizing deals, tracking performance and forecasting revenue


Document trading

Integration with technical commercial processes

License planning and controlling

License management

Contract asset management

Contract controlling

Faster and cost-effective individual solutions for you with no-code approach

i-taros applications can be easily and quickly tailored to your needs with our no-code technology, and the integration of external systems is also easy. i-taros offers you a range of standard applications.

Do you have specific requirements?

No problem, our no-code approach allows to customize the solution exactly to your requirements. Reach out to us!

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