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Maximum flexibility for your business thanks to adaptable no-code based software solutions

The core of i-taros is the i-taros system base. The i-taros system base consists of the i-taros system tools and the application platform

i-taros Tools

The tools integrated into the i-taros software platform represent a „workbench for digitization“ and are used to model and create business solutions without programming („no-code“).

With the help of the tools, the processes, data structures, behavior, user interface and other components of the desired solution are described and defined in a so-called application model. The subsequent definition of the application configuration is also done without programming and determines how the various components of the solution interact. Here, for example, concrete views and workflows are configured, rules and formulas are mapped, and automation routines are defined.

i-taros Application Platform

i-taros application platform is the operating environment and is used to host the solutions including their central databases.

The application model of a solution created with the i-taros tools is processed by the application platform at runtime for this purpose i.e., automatically combined with the basic functions contained in the i-taros application platform via the defined configuration, made executable and provided as a usable solution on the application platform for productive use. The solution is accessed via a browser.

i-taros is a multi-client capable and multilingual. A sophisticated role & rights system as well as a wide range of configuration options allow to meet even very specific requirements for the usage situation. Data exchange with external systems is possible very easily via the interfaces.

Business applications for mobile devices with the no-code app configurator

With the i-taros app for mobile devices, flexibly definable application areas are supported with a single app. The data is automatically provided in the i-taros apps for further processing. Thus, the app enables the flexible integration of an automated information workflow with your business


Conveniently select the functions you need and manage your data and activities at any time, even while on the move.

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As an alternative to conventional operation on your premises, the i-taros Software Suite is also provided for you as a cloud solution via the Internet. Storage space, computing power and the entire applications are located on our secure servers in the cloud and can be used by you at any time via a browser, without installation on your local computers or mobile devices. Any changes and adjustments, updates of the software or even the backups of your data are carried out by us – you don’t have to worry about anything!

For all security-related work, i-taros complies with international data security standards (e.g. ISO/IEC-17799, BSI IT-GSHB). All employees who provide services for the provision and support of i-taros are contractually bound to secrecy including compliance with data protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Personal data is only collected and processed by us if legal regulations allow this and the person concerned has expressly consented. Usage data is deleted immediately after the end of the respective use. The data centers in which i-taros is operated are secured with state-of-the-art access protection equipment. The servers used are certified according to ISO9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and are located exclusively in Europe. Comprehensive backup routines ensure service continuity. Data backups are performed hourly, on request also to external storage locations. In addition, all backups are backed up daily to a second server.

In the cloud variant, i-taros is made available to you around the clock via the Internet. The data centers in which i-taros is operated are continuously staffed on site. This means you always have full access to i-taros and can use the system wherever and whenever you want.

When processing routine tasks, workflows support you effectively and systematically. You don’t need to worry about the information or files required to complete the task, but work through your processes simply, quickly, and securely, even if several employees are involved in the task. Nothing is lost, forgotten, or left to chance anymore. This way you improve service and customer orientation and save a lot of money.

An extensive library of document templates is available to you in i-taros, which are used to generate documents – e.g. cover letters, offers, orders, invoices, minutes etc. The templates can be adapted to your corporate design and customized with your logo. If you wish, very specific templates can also be created and integrated for you.

i-taros enables the creation of reports on all operational topics and issues. This gives you the possibility to get a quick overview of the status of the respective processes at any time. The software is delivered with several standard reports. You can create additional reports yourself at any time using the report editor. However, we would also be happy to set them up for you according to your individual requirements.

i-taros has interfaces for the integration of external databases and legacy systems and thus communicates with existing solutions such as business management software (e.g. DATEV). For the connection of external applications, i-taros also offers a flexible web service API.

Websites or webshops can also be connected to i-taros via interfaces for bidirectional communication. Data from web forms or from a webshop can thus be transferred to i-taros and, on the other hand, data can be published from the system to websites and webshops.

Does your business have special requirements for a software-based solution that cannot be met by standard applications? You already have systems in use that you would like to continue using? You don’t want to take over the support of users yourself or struggle with the operation of the solution? You would first like to reorganize your company and optimally align your processes before introducing a software solution? Then you have come to the right place! Simply put together the solution that suits you – flexible and expandable.

Architecture of the i-taros No-Code Platform

i-taros is based on a newly developed and patented approach of BUIT-Group.

It is a procedure for the automatic creation and provision of web-based software solutions without programming (no-code). With this procedure, only the functional logic of a desired business application has to be defined with the platform-integrated i-taros software tools.

All necessary functional building blocks of an application, e.g. user interfaces, functions and interfaces, have been developed conventionally and are already available in configurable form in the platform. Desired standard functions such as sending e-mail, performing calculations, etc. can be selected via a graphical interface and linked to the desired application without programming.

Everything else required to create a software solution is done fully automatically at runtime by configuring the building blocks.

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