Our No-Code Platform i-taros

Flexibly customizable software for your exact requirements and industry without time-consuming and costly programming work.

Use Cases

Since 2004, we have been developing individual business solutions and professional applications on our no-code platform. Our customers are mainly SMEs from various industries as well as public administration organizations and NGOs. Our no-code software is used by over 50,000 users in numerous individualized configurations. Here is a selection of industries that work with our business solutions and professional applications on a daily basis.

Real Estate Industry

Our i-taros Platform supports our customers in the handling and controlling of their real estate projects. It controls the supplier management and enables an effective purchas-ing process. An adapted project management module provides you with an overview of the various trades and service providers as well as their deployment planning. Cost control during the bidding and execution phases is supported by a separate module. Quality assurance and acceptance as well as invoicing are also individualized and can be adapted to the different framework conditions of the projects. Of course, the essen-tial parts of the software solution are also available to our customers on site via an app.

Public Sector

Today's citizens expect the administration to provide the same high-quality services as the private sector. They also want to be informed through social media and receive the most accessible online offering possible. Our no-code software i-taros enables our pub-lic sector customers to create customized solutions even for complex specialized appli-cations, for a customer-centric and personalized experience. Thus, our software plat-form is part of the transformative change towards an efficient and citizen-centric admin-istration. We have delivered comprehensive innovative solutions in a matter of weeks or months at a fraction of the cost of using traditional approaches. Of course, we have ensured that our solution fits seamlessly into the existing software landscape.

Service Providers

Service providers work project-oriented with our i-taros platform, mostly in fixed or flex-ible teams, in the office, in the home office or on the road at changing locations. No problem at all. With our i-taros no-code software, service providers have a tool with which they can precisely map their projects, assign tasks and monitor their completion. i-taros enables our customers to integrate their core and extended teams, to plan, rec-ord and invoice the performance of employees and team members. Our flexible report-ing system creates first-class and clear reports for our customers to communicate with their clients. With the integrated i-taros Groupware modules, we support all incidental management and support processes, also via web portals or via a smartphone app.

Non-Profit Organisations

With the help of a modern software solution, our customers from this sector would like to bind their members even more closely to them, but also systematically attract new candidates for membership. They offer a variety of services via our no-code software i-taros, they inform regularly, organize lectures, seminars, or further certifications. Com-munication and collaboration internally as well as externally, e.g. to speakers or even political decision makers, is enabled by our i-taros web portal connection, via smartphone apps and, of course, also by a sophisticated CRM system. The administra-tive tasks of different types, of members or interested parties, of different committees as well as external contacts are completely tailored to the specific requirements of i-taros customers. A clear financial management as well as reporting system further con-tributes to the effective fulfillment of the tasks of our customers from this industry.

Request our White Paper

All the business and specialist applications listed are based on a mix of completely newly created software and software customized according to individual requirements. These are no-code individual solutions created on the i-taros software platform, in a time and cost frame that otherwise only standard solutions can offer.

Please request the white paper on our no-code software platform i-taros. We will be happy to present the detailed descriptions and success stories of our i-taros industry solutions to you personally!

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If you would like to get to know i-taros, simply request access to the demo system via our website.

You can also sign up for your own trial account through the website with the applications you want.

The demo access and the test account can be used free of charge for 30 calendar days.

Of course, you can export your data from the system at any time. If you no longer wish to use i-taros and have terminated your user contract, you will of course receive your data for further use free of charge as a *.csv or *.eml file.

With the Saas variant of i-taros, new releases are provided automatically. We also create backups regularly and without additional costs. You don't need to worry about anything! And should you ever need help using i-taros, simply contact our user support - they will be happy to help you within the scope of the booked service level. Of course we also support you accordingly with the administration of the system (e.g. creation of new users etc.) or with your IT work on site.

The base memory per user is 1 GB. However, capacities can be adjusted as desired upon request.

To protect your data and ensure secure communication, we have taken numerous precautions that comply with the latest standards:

  • Encrypted communication: use of SSL encryption standard
  • Password protection: valid combination of user name and password
  • Computer facilities: The data center is staffed 365/24 and secured by state-of-the-art access protection equipment
  • Fire protection and climate control: the data center has automatic smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems
  • Emergency power supply: The data center is equipped with an emergency power supply system
  • Internet connection: In the event of an Internet failure on the part of B&IT Services, the multiple Internet supply ensures uninterrupted access to the system
  • Automatic logout: Users are automatically logged out of the system after 45 minutes. This time period can be individually adjusted to your needs
  • Data backup: Hourly data backups, on request to external storage locations, ensure the preservation of your data

If, in the course of your business development, you find that you need additional applications or modules, simply book them on top of your existing solution. i-taros can be flexibly adapted and functions fully integrated.

As soon as you have concluded the user contract for i-taros, you will receive your access data - and you are ready to go. To access the system, all you need is Internet access and a browser (i-taros is optimized for the free Mozilla Firefox browser). We are also happy to support you with the individual setup of i-taros or the migration of already existing data into the system.

You can either use i-taros as a software-as-a-service or run it locally yourself. With the first variant, you rent the software and access it via the Internet, while we take care of the entire service for you. With the second option, you buy licenses, install i-taros on your local server and operate the system on your premises.

The i-taros product family consists of various applications, which in turn are made up of several modules. In addition to the basic modules, each of which contains the minimum functionalities of an application, modules can be added or removed flexibly. So in the end, you only pay for the modules you actually need. Modules that are needed in the further course of business can be added flexibly, those that are no longer required can simply be cancelled. i-taros thus adapts ideally to the development of your company and supports you cost-effectively and in line with your needs.

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