Communicate specifically with your potential customers and develop new target groups

Manage important information about your market and target groups as well as about competitors and their products and services. Systematically benchmark against your competition and gain success-critical insights for your marketing strategy with extensive evaluation and analysis functions.

The integrated campaign management supports you in planning and executing your marketing campaigns. i-taros also provides you with the necessary functions to send personalized cover letters or newsletters, for example, and to post news on your website and in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Xing. In this way, you develop your company and your range of services in the right direction, bring your product and service offering closer to the market and acquire new leads and customers in a targeted manner.

Empowering your business with the i-taros Marketing

i-taros offers numerous features for prioritizing deals, tracking performance and forecasting revenue



Campaign Management

Target Group Management

Competitor Product Management

Faster and cost-effective individual solutions for you with no-code approach

i-taros applications can be easily and quickly tailored to your needs with our no-code technology, and the integration of external systems is also easy. i-taros offers you a range of standard applications.

Do you have specific requirements?

No problem, our no-code approach allows to customize the solution exactly to your requirements. Reach out to us!

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